Events & Close Protection

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What we do

Our Event and Close Protection (CP) teams provide specialist operatives in ensuring the safety, security and the wellbeing of a broad spectrum of client groups.

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Kingdom provide support to ensure that itineraries run to plan and that the long days and sometimes overwhelming list of tasks can be accomplished with as much ease as possible. We do all we can to ensure our customers receive the highest possible standards of hospitality, care, practical and moral support at every moment of the day and night.

Our services

  • Close and VIP protection
  • Crowd management and stewarding teams
  • Consultancy advice

Ensuring itineraries run to plan.

How we do it

For security reasons we do not discuss operational tasks on our website or the measures we may put in place; but each task is methodically planned to ensure the security task is completed as per the detail.

From initial planning and contract award the identified Manager takes full responsibility for the contract, client interface, best practice, consultation and performance.

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