Rich in value activist data at times of heightened risk

There are occasions when a major activist campaign or local political developments or civil unrest increase the perceived risk to you or your business.

Activism affects all sectors of business in most parts of the world. The risk implies a level of impact which ranges from mild distraction to major disruption – but each comes at a financial and often reputational cost.

Modern communications have spawned an extraordinary increase of activity and have facilitated publicity and fund raising – major activist organisations have big budgets; and social attitudes and human rights issues have created an environment in which activists can test the law with little chance of prosecution, whilst business remains vulnerable.

Comprehensive business response strategies are essential to draw together the myriad security, communications, legal and police-liaison considerations necessary to being effective.

Andy Howe
Head of Risk & Mitigation

Our core activism services are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

  • Detailed intelligence across a whole spectrum of protestor activity
  • Analytical assessments of what is occurring to assess and mitigate risk and the associated effects on business operations
  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Kidnap and ransom support
  • People and executive protection
  • Risk mitigation and business continuity
  • Availability of bespoke reporting

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