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Drax required a comprehensive high-risk security service from a single supplier that could demonstrate a track-record of stability in a challenging financial climate. To facilitate this, we created a comprehensive security package including; Security health check (pre and post contract implementation), Guarding Service, CCTV Command Centre, Mobile Response & Incident Team, Gatehouse Team, Team Leaders, Management Team, Training Supervisors, Weighbridge Team, Access Control Supervision.


Protests – As with many other power stations, Drax is always at risk of disruption due to protesters. As Drax provides c. 8% of the UK’s electricity, it is paramount that their processes are not interrupted by
any unauthorised members of the public gaining access to the site.

Staffing Requirements – For the Drax contract, we are often required to deploy additional colleagues often at short notice.

Site Specific Requirements – As Drax is a power station, the site has unique requirements and processes to ensure the safety of operatives at all times. All colleagues therefore must be aware of these processes, which are regularly updated and adapted to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Kingdom Solutions


Protests – The Kingdom team working on the Drax contract have a defined process to follow, should
a protest occur, which has been designed to de-escalate the situation in a way which ensures the safety of all involved. Should a protest take place, the Kingdom Manager on duty will create a dialogue with protesters, which has proven to be an effective strategy. Kingdom provide security health checks for Drax, which allow us to locate and resolve any vulnerabilities within the current security programme. Our dedicated access control colleagues have also proved invaluable over the course of any protests – since Kingdom have been managing the contract, there have been no ‘lock-ins’ or breaches.

Staffing Requirements – For the Drax contract, Kingdom have large staffing reserves and a hands-on
management team to deal with any up-manning requirements. We have a large pool of support colleagues for the Drax contract, who have all received the appropriate contractual training. Our management team are empowered to call upon these support colleagues if required and have the authority to deploy colleagues themselves. In the last year alone, the Kingdom team managed in excess of 80,000 hours per annum, with additional ad hoc hours on top of this – only dropping less than 100 hours due to absence or lateness.

Site Specific Requirements – We Incorporated a training officer on each shift to ensure to ensure
each team member is constantly updated and current with site practice/processes. To test colleagues
and ensure they are up to date, we regularly practise our emergency procedures. We constantly liaise
and train with the Police Counter Terrorism Force, which allows all colleagues to feel confident that
they are up to date with the requirements of the site.


ACS Audit Feedback – In our recent SIA Approved Contractor Scheme audit, the auditor visited the Drax site and provided impressive feedback – particularly around the attention to detail in all site documentation.

Savings - Part of our success in retaining this contract was our ability to demonstrate continuous
improvement – for example: building on an established contract saving per annum since inception (£300k).

Colleague Welfare – Given the nature of their role, many Drax colleagues are required to be outside
for long periods of time. To support these colleagues, Kingdom have introduced an improved thermal
uniform at no additional cost to Drax. In addition to this, to help support our colleagues health and
wellbeing outside of work, we have provided free Gym membership for all colleagues working on the
Drax site. We have received excellent feedback around this scheme.