Patrol Technology: Kingdom introduced our Patrol PDA system to all Arrow sites to ensure compliance and improve patrol reporting.

Updating Assignment Instructions: When Kingdom were awarded the contract, we identified the
Assignment Instructions (AIs) were an immediate area which needed improvement. We introduced
“walk through, talk through” assignment instructions – these AIs explain all elements of the officer’s
role and the delivery of each task, to provide ongoing refresher training an improve compliance.

Full Training Review: Kingdom implemented a full revisit of site training for all colleagues and
introduced our e-learning software Learnbox.

Loss Reducing Initiatives: To reduce loss, Kingdom introduced monthly SLAs carried out by the
Contract Manager for all Arrow locations, ensuring all national compliance. We also began discussions
on innovation / systems currently on the market to help reduce losses and increase officer’s productivity.

Incident Reporting: We have introduced our Incident Reporting app, allowing officers to report
incidents in real time and upload pictures – bringing the incident to life.

Our Actions:

Patrol Technology: On takeover of the contract the previous supplier had a patrol system in place,
however it was not being used or monitored. We found this to be the case on all sites.
Kingdom introduced our KOMPLETE Patrol PDA, alongside our incident reporting app – usage of
these tools is tracked by Arrow XL’s Kingdom contract manager, and the tools have now become a
daily part of an officer’s role.

Updating Assignment Instructions: Kingdom significantly enhanced the existing Assignment
instructions from a basic level, to more detailed comprehensive level.
By comprehensively covering all day-to-day processes that an officer would encounter on their daily
duties, we have demonstrably improved competence across all sites.

Arrow XL tested our improved AIs by assigning a manager who had no idea of a security guard’s
responsibilities to carry the role of the officer by only following the AIs. The manager was easily able to
complete the required tasks in a compliant manner – proving that the AIs were fit for purpose.

Full Training Review: A full training review was conducted in line with the updated AIs, which proved
improve efficiencies across all sites. By introducing our Learnbox software, our Contract Manager is
now able to track colleagues who have not completed training on a live basis. We have also provided
access to this tool to Arrow XL stakeholders. Through this monitoring, we can now confirm that at any
one time all guards onsite are fully compliant with Arrow XL’s contractual training requirements. Any
non-compliant officers will not be available for deployment until the required training is completed.

Loss Reducing Initiatives: Following the introduction of an SLA, this is now tracked using our
KOMPLETE Management Information Software, which is accessible both by the Kingdom Contract
Management Team and Arrow XL’s key stakeholders.

Our KOMPLETE software provides a user-friendly view of performance delivery month on month –
this allows for trends to be tracked and assists the Arrow XL loss prevention team with their strategies.

All officer Welfare Visits, and Contract Manager site visits are also completed on KOMPLETE showing
real time visits which are GPS stamped – further ensuring compliance.

We remain in open dialogue with the Arrow XL stakeholder team regarding loss prevention initiatives,
and share intelligence and ideas back and forth to ensure the contract is at the cutting edge of the

Incident Reporting: A Smartphone is now issued to each Arrow XL location, preloaded with our
Incident App. This App is a vital part of an officer’s toolkit and provides instant communication of:

1. General incidents
2. Star (health and safety) incidents
3. Criminal Incidents

Recipient groups are predefined dependent on the type of reports submitted. Any incident on any site auto populates a summary report email to all desired recipients – ensuring the Arrow XL stakeholder team are informed of any incidents as soon as they occur.

The Outcomes:

Patrol Technology: All officers are now compliant, and our Patrol System is used daily for all patrols. The check/analysis functions within our PDA have improved our service delivery and officer performance - yielding an improvement in ROI.

Updating Assignment Instructions: All officers have now been retrained on the improved AIs and
have demonstrated noticeable improvements in competency – both through tests conducted as part
of their refresher training, but also through announced and unannounced spot checks.

Full Training Review: Learnbox has ensured than individual progress can always be checked. This has
allowed the Arrow XL Contract Manager to identify colleagues who may require additional support
and has been able to provide this to them before a service issue has occurred.

Loss Reducing Initiatives: KOMPLETE has provided an honest, transparent reflection of account performance, particularly as Arrow XL. The data tracked in the tool now forms part of monthly discussions highlighting key areas of continued monthly focus – for example, around loss prevention initiatives.

Incident Reporting: The quality of incident reports has improved exponentially and has assisted the
Arrow XL team to identify and track trends – for example around criminal activity. Following the
submission of an incident report regarding a suspicious vehicle, an attempted break in was able to be
prevented as all Kingdom operatives had been briefed on a potential threat and recognised the
number plate in question.


The Kingdom team as whole received the below praise from Arrow XL’s Head of Risk, Chris Purcell:

“Kingdom Services Group partnered with Arrow XL to supply static guarding across our UK network
in December 2018. During this time Kingdom have overseen a decisive and positive change in service
delivery that has surpassed expectations.

They have demonstrated the commitment they initially made to Arrow XL by recommending and
supporting the introduction of forward-thinking, innovative technology that has not only benefited
the business by making workstreams evident but also aided the officers in carrying out their duties
which has definitely facilitated a more efficient working dynamic.

Kingdom’s approach to having their personnel provided with the correct information and tools to
ensure they are executing their duties professionally and as best as they can be and are exemplary.
There are not many companies that take this much time and attention in ensuring their employees
are prepared to operate in different environments. Although there have been challenges at times, Kingdom’s management team are approachable, caring and are always available. Having this reliability is a major factor on the success of any security team.”