Our Services

Kingdom provide Allianz Insurance with a range of services on their multi-site security contract. These
services include; Static guarding, Front of House Reception cover, Concierge Services - front of house,
Mobile Patrols, Alarm Response & Key Holding Services.


We have faced a number of challenges over the duration of our relationship with Allianz. These have

Access Control – Kingdom’s security team were required to manage the transition of a new card
access system to all Allianz sites. As part of this task, they also integrated the physical transition to the
new system.

Visitor Management – Allianz’s main building receive a large amount of footfall from visitors, including a number of VIPs. These visits can often take place on an unexpected basis, particularly from members of the public.

Support – It has been identified that the current in-house Allianz facilities team often require
additional support. Their Kingdom team now additionally provide adhoc cover services to assist with
areas such as reception and front of house.

Kingdom Solutions

To mitigate and resolve these challenges, Kingdom have put a range of processes in place:

Access Control – The challenges of successfully managing the introduction of a new access control
system were resolved by our hands-on management team. During this process, Kingdom’s managers provided on-site support to the team, utilising their industry expertise to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible. This access control system has now been rolled out across all Allianz sites.

Visitor Management – All Kingdom colleagues receive extensive training, pertinent to their role. In
this case, it was identified that all Kingdom colleagues working on the Allianz contract would benefit
from Customer Service training, to assist them in dealing with members of the public and VIP guests.
This training has allowed our colleagues to feel more confident in their interactions, and ensures they
are representing the Allianz and Kingdom brands at all times. Our recruitment processes further ensure we only employ officers for the Allianz contract who have the correct skillset and temperament to provide this level of customer engagement.

Support – When providing support to an in-house team, buy-in is key. Through regular meetings with
Allianz, and a strong management presence on-site, Kingdom have achieved buy-in from Allianz
colleagues, allowing us to seamlessly support the team in times of need. Additionally, all colleagues
required to provide this level of cover undergo Front of House training, to ensure standards remain
consistently high.


Expansion - Over the course of our relationship with Allianz, we have expanded our contract and
taken on additional buildings within the Allianz operating portfolio. In 2019 we were re-awarded a 3 +
2 year roll over contract, as a recognition of our honesty, loyalty, integrity and excellent service.

Continuity of Service - We are proud that our continuity of service across the Allianz account has
remained high over the course of our relationship. The majority of our officers on site have been with
the contract in excess of 5 years, and their Contract Manager has been with the contract since its
inception. Our industry leading pay rates and welfare conditions have assisted us in retaining the
highest calibre of staff for the Allianz contract.

Local Support - We have also invested in the local economy on behalf of Allianz, by recruiting locally.
By training local people on the Allianz contract, we have been able to provide a pool of trained and
ready support staff and additional reserve officers for Allianz, who can be called upon at short notice
in times of need or for special events.

Service Levels - Our customer services have also been praised by Allianz. We meet monthly and
quarterly with the client and have a focused set of SLAs and KPI’s in place. Across the portfolio our
average SLA score consistently achieves 98% - an impressive figure.