Specialist retail security services

We work with you to determine your goals, concerns and potential business threats, helping us form a retail security roadmap. Working in partnership is imperative to give you the most efficient service, aiming to protect your organisation from fraud, loss and theft. 

When required, our civil recovery service strives to reclaim losses and costs directly from any reprimanded offender. This can help loss prevention, provide a deterrent to future offenders and provide you with a return on your investment. 

We offer the following retail security services:   

  • - Retail Officers & Store Detectives
  • - Covert Surveillance
  • - Loss Prevention Managers
  • - Civil Recovery & Litigation

Retail 1


Sector specific training

To best serve you, our colleagues participate in bespoke retail training, enabling us at Kingdom to provide a highly skilled and customer-focussed loss prevention team. Training covers confrontation, theft & loss and terrorist threat modules as standard. Our in-store teams are diplomatic, quick thinking and proactive.

In addition, all retail security colleagues are supported by a dedicated management team. It is they who provide data insights that help you make quick, informed and longer term decisions that will benefit your business in the future.


Tailored Training

Sector specific training ensures our team members know how to handle challenging and complex situations in this unpredictable industry.


A Proactive Approach

Our staff take a no nonsense and proactive approach to cleaning services, executed with professionalism.


A Holistic Service

We work together to build out a strategy that works for you, to ensure your people, products and brand are protected.


Fully trained officers deployed to protect

Our trained officers can be deployed in a range of situations with varying objectives and goals. The following sectors continue to benefit from our zero tolerance officers.

Retail 4


Retail poses a specific set of challenges and requires a specialist team to tackle this. At Kingdom we offer exactly that. A team trained to combat crime and reduce loss.

Retail 4


We enable travel customers to operate securely and safeguard against loss, damage & theft. Our investment into Port & Maritime operations has yielded fantastic results for our customers.

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Property Management & Agents

Our onsite property teams are trained to take a proactive approach to security challenges posed. Risks such as theft, vandalism and workplace violence are always handled with professionalism.

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Manufacturing & Logistics

At Kingdom we operate with a specialist team of personnel, working closely with some of the biggest organisations in this sector. Local contract managers help create and deliver bespoke solutions, including sourcing temporary staff.

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Social Housing

We partner with social housing providers across the UK. From concierge to watch patrols, the safety and security of our client sites and their residents is our utmost priority.

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National Infrastructure

We aim to support partners and clients who are working to provide greener technology and infrastructure across the UK. Our security services help to protect people, plant and property.

Proud to work with

“Kingdom supply guarding for the retail store I work in. Recently, I have been working with the guarding team to support us within-store shrink and internal audits. The guards have been helpful and very supportive!”


“Kingdom have allowed us to maintain our core function during exceptionally challenging times. The quality of the service has been maintained, with no reduction in standards. Our marine management team appreciate the pragmatic and professional approach which the Kingdom colleagues bring to their roles. They always go above and beyond their job descriptions. The criticality of their customer facing role cannot be underestimated.”

Port of Cromarty Firth

“Can you pass on my thanks to all the Kingdom team, they really do go above and beyond every time we have asked.”

Sanctuary Students