Kingdom L A Support were overjoyed to find out that Britain had emerged victorious in the inaugural Litter Picking World Cup held in Tokyo's vibrant Shibuya district as their fight to tackle littering for many local authorities across the UK continues. The UK team, known as The North Will Rise Again, outshone 20 other nations by collecting a whopping 83kg of rubbish in just 45 minutes, securing a decisive win over their closest rival, Japan.

The competition, named Spogomi World Cup, required participants equipped with gloves, metal tongs, and plastic bags to scavenge litter within a confined 1.9-square-mile area of Shibuya. The challenge was both physically and mentally demanding, demanding strategic planning and teamwork.

The points system was based on the type and quantity of rubbish gathered. Each category held different values; for instance, cans and bottles earned 12 points per 100 grams, while the highly coveted cigarette butts fetched a hefty 100 points per 100 grams.

The victorious trio, comprising Alexander Winship, Jonathan Winship, and Sarah Parry, strategically targeted heavier items, such as scrap metal, utilising Sarah's agility to navigate Shibuya's nooks and crannies. Their teamwork was pivotal, with each member contributing to the collective pile of rubbish.


Ms. Parry, a doctor and marathon runner, likened the exhaustion level to completing a full marathon, emphasising the physical strain endured during the intense 45-minute challenge.

The Spogomi founder, Kenichi Mamitsuka, initially started this initiative during his morning runs, eventually transforming it into a competitive and enjoyable activity. Reflecting on the event's success, he envisioned its potential growth, even aspiring for it to become an Olympic demonstration event with the formation of national Spogomi associations.

Mamitsuka emphasised the importance of changing people's perceptions about rubbish, recalling initial scepticism about the activity. However, witnessing increased participation and the passing on of positive habits inspired him to continue fostering this movement. His goal is to expand Spogomi events to 50 countries by 2030, aiming to install a global shift in how society views and handles litter, a goal which Kingdom L A Support strongly supports! 


We are sending a huge congratulation's to the team on their amazing win! 

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News and photos from MSN