Duty of Care

What is Duty of Care and why is it important for an Environmental business?

Duty of Care refers to a term usually reserved for individuals. It is a legal obligation imposed upon individuals requiring them to adhere to a standard of reasonable care whilst they perform any act that could potentially cause harm to any person. In relation to a business that offers environmental services, such as Kingdom Services Group, duty of care is even more important.

On top of imposing a legal duty upon businesses to follow their own standard of care in relation to duty of care, it also refers back to the legal obligation held by individuals. As Kingdom Environmental Services deploys it's officers into 'problem areas' in order to deal with the likes of littering, dog-fouling issues and other Environmental issues, we feel the importance of duty of care all the more. It is a sad fact that over £1 billion was spent last year alone cleaning the streets of the UK. We at Kingdom have raising concerns over this and see it as our own duty to do as much as we can to reduce this amount spent needlessly.

Here at Kingdom Services Group, our Environmental Services take duty of care very seriously, whether it pertains to individuals or businesses and will continue to do the work we feel a responsibility for. In order to reduce this problem further, Kingdom engages with councils by allocating funding for community litter groups and the creation of local campaigns to continue raising concerns of littering issues such as "Bin it to Win it".

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