Welcome to a world of Kingdom service

Established in 1993 and operating nationally, commercial and service strength supported with organic and acquisition growth has seen Kingdom become one of the largest privately owned companies in the UK within our areas of service expertise.

Commercially strong we have a strategy to continually grow and strengthen by expanding our services and offering a complete support service to our customers.

Kingdom has all the power of a national organisation you would expect but we support our service provision from our network of regional support offices.

Being a private company our local people have the experience, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and capability to move faster and stay closer to your business. Our managers have the time to understand, manage and support your contract and work in partnership with their local teams to ensure they are happy and motivated people who bring best practice, innovation and cost savings to the table.

We hold all appropriate industry, safety and quality accreditations and we work extremely hard to deliver value and performance in today's fast-moving world, we don't stand still so utilise the best technology to provide you with a leaner, smarter and more connected organisation with information at your fingertips.

Combine all of this with being straightforward people to do business, our customers tell us it's a winning formula.

We hope we get the opportunity to serve you and if you need any questions answered please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Originally a Celtic settlement, York was given the name of Eboracum, meaning place of the yew trees, by the invading Roman Empire. During the roman rule York became an important part of Britannia, with three emperors all visiting the city. Once the Romans abandoned York, the Anglo-Saxons settled in the city until it was invaded by Vikings in 866. York thrived under Viking rule until England was successfully unified by the Normans.

Today York is a popular tourist spot, due to its vast array of architecture, ruins, parks, churches, cathedrals and medieval buildings like those in The Shambles, a crooked street filled with timber framed shops from eras gone by. The street was originally populated by butchers and blood, offal and guts would flow through the streets ā€“ coining the phrase "It's a shambles."