Bespoke security solutions for manufacturing plants

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Our dedicated manufacturing team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding to meet the special demands of the manufacturing sector and focusing on the criteria that matter most to our customers.

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We support major manufacturing plants with best-in-class services delivered using the latest service modelling techniques and service delivery methodologies.

From security at the gatehouse of a site and weighbridge operations, through to vehicle control, Health & Safety and loss prevention are but a few of the challenges faced by our employees working within this sector.

Kingdom has developed bespoke, comprehensive training courses tailored to the manufacturing sector, recognising the ever growing security issues and specific threats faced by this sector.

We work closely with our manufacturing customers to devise a security solution that is both relevant and robust whilst listening and aligning to cost pressures and a competitive environment to drive the innovation they need to achieve their security goals.

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A security solution that is both relevant and robust.