Integrated Services

What we do

We help our customers to tailor-make a package from our services below and to help them run a more efficient and effective businesses and reduce supply chain, duplicate management and margins but still leaving your business in your control.

Our services


The place to go 24/7

Using our 24/7 National Communication Centre (NCC) we are able to provide a total help desk solution.

Technology Innovation

Delivering operating efficiencies and cost effectiveness

KingdomKomplete is our "one stop" real-time personal digital assistant (PDA) tool kit that ensures the right information is put into the right hands at the right time to provide our customers with operating & cost efficiencies. The system is modular, allowing you to choose the configuration which best suits your business needs.


Creating a confident place for confident people

KingdomShield is our own interactive training software which includes Health & Safety, fire prevention and first aid. Our training modules are available for our customers to use free for your own staff.

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