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Last year over £1 billion was spent cleaning the UK streets. Kingdom’s Environmental Services Division deploys fully trained uniformed officers into identified ‘problem areas’ in order to deal with littering, dog fouling issues, and other environmental issues. We operate a range of payment schemes all guaranteeing no cost to the local authority. Kingdom’s costs are recovered by the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) we issue and, with our average 75% payment rate, which has resulted in us raising over £3.3m for local authorities during the last 12 months. Kingdom Officers undertake a comprehensive training program and operate under some of the tightest legal guidelines, which are robustly quality managed by an experienced and well-resourced team and infrastructure with exceptional customer service skills.

With our virtual mapping software we secure local demographic data and get straight to the heart of the problem, deploying teams of patrolling officers we change public behavior.

Everyone issued with an FPN is afforded the right to appeal to a Magistrates court, however if found guilty could result in a criminal conviction.

Kingdom allocate funding for local community litter groups and the creation of local campaigns to raise awareness of litter issues such as ‘’Bin it to Win it’’.

We have a proven record that we deliver a cleaner, safer and greener environment for members of your community.

Our core environmental services solutions are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour (Residential Housing Partnerships)
  • Community Protection Notices
  • Criminal Damage
  • Dog Fouling & Control Orders
  • Domestic Side Waste Disposal
  • Duty of Care Notices (Commercial)
  • Environmental Education Implementation
  • Fly-tipping, fly posting and alley way dumping
  • Gipsy Liaison
  • Illegal Distribution of Free Material
  • Motor vehicle engine idling
  • Parking
  • Public Space Protection Orders (alcohol in exclusion zones)
  • Residential community safety patrols
  • Smoking in prohibited areas and in motor vehicles in the presence of children
  • Street Litter and trading

Since Kingdom’s introduction, the impact on the town has been significant. The town centre is noticeably cleaner than before and the message is certainly being heard that we won’t tolerate littering of any kind.

Terry O’Brien
Litter Enforcement Project Manager
Maidstone Borough Council

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  • Liverpool City Council
  • London Borough of Ealing
  • Wirral Council