Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that it is crucial to our core business success to act responsibly as a business, with the highest social, environmental and ethical standards. We want to achieve financial success, but we also want to create value for our stakeholders - from shareholders to customers, employees to business partners, and society as a whole. Corporate responsibility informs everything we do, and is deeply embedded in our core company values. These values influence our approach to work and guide the way we treat our employees, our customers and grow our business.

Kingdom Clean Excellence Award

Here at Kingdom Services Group, we are always pleased to hear from our clients and customers when one of our colleagues has gone over and above to ensure a brilliant delivery of service. We take a look over the kind words and recommendations left by our clients each month in order to award a number of these colleagues with our Special Recognition Award.

In the month of July we had no shortage of recommendations from our clients, as with every month, and have chosen Patrick Jones for the Kingdom Clean Excellence Award. Congratulations Patrick!

Patrick went above and beyond his role by attending sites when required, even when it was short notice and for continuous outstanding work.

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Retail officer of the month award, July 2018

Here at Kingdom Services Group, we are always happy to hear clients are impressed with the services we provide. As everyone knows, a company is only as good as it’s colleagues, and we know our services are made the very best they can be by the hard work and dedication our colleagues put into their roles. It is with this mind mind that we are pleased to give our retail officer of the month award for July, along with our heartfelt praise, to one of our Security Officers for Morrisons, Yaya.

To be nominated for the Retail Officer of the Month award, Yaya has showed impeccable conduct in all he has done, which went over and above in order to be considered outstanding to all around him. He has received many a compliment from both client and consumer alike and continues to show an innovation that adds value whilst improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the tasks he undertakes. His brilliant conduct goes so far as to positively impact upon the service delivery as a whole and he has attained compliments from the business as well as managers, peers and colleagues.

Back at Kingdom, Yaya will be awarded with a certificate & store vouchers and, as with each winner of Retail Officer of the Month, he will be entered into an annual competition along with every other monthly winner of the award.

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Kerala Flood Relief

Here at Kingdom Services Group, we are devastated to hear of the tragic floods in India which have already claimed so many lives and affected so many more. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to every person affected by this humanitarian crisis. Kingdom also operates in India and has been providing security services in the southern Indian state of Kerala since May 2016 and have been personally touched by this tragedy. We are making an appeal for everyone to donate to the relief effort. We will be donating £2000 towards the Chief Minister’s relief fund so we can hopefully help raise the amount so desperately needed.

Please, if you are able, use the links below to donate so Kerala can begin to rebuild it’s state and circulate the donation links to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. to spread the donation link as far as you can to get the maximum help.

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Kingdom Security Officer Praised By Former Councillor

Kingdom Services Group is delighted when any of our colleagues show a level of commitment and professional conduct that instils confidence in our clients. It is with this in mind that we are giving particular praise to Solomon, a Kingdom Security Officer at Morrisons in Rochdale, for his quick thinking and bravery in detaining a thief. For his actions in this rare occurrence, he is being awarded with a CEO award. This incident just so happened to be witnessed by former councillor for Smallbridge, Jean Ashworth, at the Morrisons store on Kingsway. She said;

“I have to say really well done to the security guard. What a nightmare job he had detaining a very aggressive thief… Thankfully, security and staff managed to get him out into the back of the store until the police arrived.

[The staff]... are brilliant as is the security guard. I actually thanked the security guard for keeping us safe”

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Kingdom News Article – Burnley Council, Team of the Month

Kingdom Services Group is happy to announce that the award for Environmental Service Team of the Month June 2018 has gone to the Burnley Council team. This team has won the Environmental Services Team of the Month award for going above and beyond in meeting all the operational procedures and by working as a tight, cohesive team overall covering any days off as well as annual leave. This award consists of criteria required to win this award. It includes;

• Conduct over and above that can be considered outstanding/exemplary.

• Compliments from clients & consumers.

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Kingdom Joins the Now or Never Campaign

Here at Kingdom Services Group we are excited to announce that we have joined with the brilliant environmental campaign Now or Never.

Now or Never is a ground-breaking behavioural change project, starting in Leamington Spa, with the core focus of ‘behavioural change’ amongst people who litter.  This is the most comprehensive and sustained anti-litter campaign ever undertaken in the UK. Over the course of the next twelve months we will be assisting Now or Never to tackle litter head on along with other important topics such as disposable coffee cups, fly-tipping and the impact of local business upon the environment.

This excellent campaign is run by Clean Up Britain, which is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based upon a passion for looking after the environment. Clean Up Britain have been lobbying hard for a national litter campaign for some time and are members of the National Litter Strategy Advisory Group. They have also been broadening their horizons to inspire and enable many a community and business to properly address the environmental issues which are becoming an ever growing concern such as single-use plastics and recycling.

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